Changing your address

It is very important that registered authors keep the PLR Program informed as to their current address. Please also inform us of changes to telephone number and e-mail. These help us contact you in case of questions about your file. All personal information you do provide is protected under the Privacy Act.

Files of authors with whom we lose contact (undelivered mail, uncashed cheque) for 2 consecutive years are closed.  If you reactivate your file, the original date of your title’s registration will apply in determining the payment scale category.

While this website does not permit addresses to be changed online, there are other ways you can inform us of an address change, telephone number change, or e-mail address change:

  • Return your file update form to us, indicating this information in the relevant section. Please be sure to sign and date the form, or
  • write a letter to us indicating your PLR file number and your new coordinates (our address can be found under
    "Contact Us"), or
  • telephone us and provide your PLR file number, your former address, and your new information.

Your PLR file number appears on the PLR cheque stub, Title Earning Summary, and File Update form.