PLR payments are calculated using a payment scale as described below.

Titles registered with the PLR program are divided into four categories, based on the number of years they have been registered with the program.The date of publication, edition or reprint of a book, which has never been taken into account by the PLR, is not a consideration in calculating the PLR payment.

Number of Years Title
Registered with the
PLR Program
*Payment if Title Found
Category I: 0-5 years Maximum Hit Rate
Category II: 6-10 years 80% of Hit Rate
Category III: 11-15 years 70% of Hit Rate
Category IV: 16+ years 50% of Hit Rate

*N.B. This scale applies to authors claiming 100% of a PLR payment.

There is a $50 threshold set for a PLR payment. This means that only those registrants, whose library survey results amount to at least $50, qualify to receive a PLR payment.

N.B. Files of authors with whom we lose contact (undelivered mail, uncashed cheque) for 2 consecutive years are closed. When a file is reactivated, the original date of a title’s registration applies in determining the payment scale category.