2010-2011 Author Payments


Number of authors receiving payments:


Number of eligible titles in PLR database:
Total amount issued in payments
 to authors:
Maximum author payment:
Average payment:
Median payment:


Province Number of authors Payment total
Quebec 5,881 $4,027,642
Ontario 5,567 $2,937,386
British Columbia 2,467 $1,246,098
Alberta 890 $446,527
Outside of Canada 552 $306,818
Nova Scotia  630 $266,405
New Brunswick 384 $173,900
Manitoba 425 $173,501
Saskatchewan 324 $168,964
Newfoundland and Labrador 255 $105,513
Prince Edward Island 64 $32,578
Yukon 30 $9,140
Northwest Territories 14 $5,632
Nunavut 4 $1,234
Total 17,487 $9,901,337


PLRC’s Budget
In June 2009, the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages announced that the $25 million in funding to the Canada Council would be extended for five years. Author payments through the PLR program will continue to benefit from $1 million of this funding

Library Sampling

Sampling involves checking the PLR program’s registered titles against the catalogues of a selection of public libraries each year. Through sampling, we are able to determine the number of hits for a title, that is, the number of libraries in which the title is found.

We survey six public libraries in each official language and double results for libraries in large urban centres.

Calculating the payments

PLR payments are calculated using a four-category payment scale. The categories correspond to the number of years that a title has been registered with the program. This year, for any title found in the PLR’s library sampling, the payment is calculated based on the following scale:

Number of Years Title Registered with PLR

Payment if Title Found

Category I: 2006 to 2010


Category II: 2001 to 2005


Category III: 1996 to 2000


Category IV: 1986 to 1995


The amounts in this scale apply to authors claiming 100% of a PLR payment. In situations where there is more than one contributor to a book, the value of the hit is pro-rated among the contributors according to the percentage of the book that was their contribution.

Re-Activated Files: An author whose file is re-activated will receive payments based on the category corresponding to the original date of registration of his titles.