Authors’ associations rallied to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Public Lending Right Program.

Throughout 2011, several events engaged writers, playwrights, poets, translators, authors and the public.

  • The League of Canadian Poets celebrated the anniversary by inviting some 100 poets to read their works in public libraries across Canada during National Poetry Month, where each library featured a Canadian poetry display during April. Readings were podcasted on the PLR website. (April 2011)
  • Journée mondiale du livre et du droit d’auteur marked the PLRC’s 25th anniversary by inviting Aline Apostolska, Vice-Chair of the PLR Commission to participate in a forum on copyright at the Salon international du livre de Québec. (April 2011)
  • The Writer’s Union of Canada reiterated its support of the PLR Program by dedicating its Annual General Meeting to the PLR. At the opening night of the OnWords Conference and the AGM, Andreas Schroeder, author and former member of the PLR Commission, delivered the keynote address The Unknown Story of PLR at the Toronto Reference Library. The first day of the OnWords Conference, May 27th, Ken McGoogan, chair of the PLR Commission, moderated the panel discussion PLR: 25 More Years, Please? with participants Andreas Schroeder, David Copelin and Michael Elcock. (May 2011)
  • Festival international de la poésie de Trois-Rivières marked the 25th anniversary of the PLR Program and the 75th anniversary of the Governor General's Literary Awards (GGs). Carole David, poet and former Chair of the PLR Commission, participated in poetry luncheons and dinners, the Poèmes de nuit event and a poetry-film event. (September 2011)
  • Reading: Un acte d’amour, Lire: An Act of Love, was organized by the Literary Translators’ Association, l'UNEQ and the Quebec Writers' Federation where they acknowledged the PLR's 25th anniversary. (September, 2011)
  • The Canadian Authors Association commissioned a poster celebrating the PLR's anniversary to use at their various events at Word on the Street (Vancouver). Bernice Lever, a member of the PLR Commission, hosted a talk about PLR. (September, 2011)
  • The Playwrights Guild of Canada organized a series of readings in public libraries in PLR’s honour around Culture Days. (September, 2011)
  • Ken McGoogan, Chair of the PLR Commission, was a featured speaker at Edmonton's LitFest.(October, 2011)
  • The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) partnered with the Canada Council for the Arts, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCU) and the Public Lending Right (PLR) and launched a project called Listen, I read, as part of the program imagineaction. Visit the Canadian Teachers’ Federation youtube page to see the videos of the Council’s spoke persons, Michelle Legault (in English), Executive Secretary, Public Lending Right Program and Diane Miljours (in French), program officer, Governor General Literary Awards, and the CTF president, Paul Taillefer. Visit the GGs webpage to see the videos of the pilot projects.
  • Public libraries were invited to celebrate the PLR Program and the GG Awards by showcasing Canadian books.(November 2011)
  • On February 11th, 2012, the UNEQ, the BAnQ and the QWF combined their efforts to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Public Lending Right Program with a conference/lecture titled: L’écrivain dans la bibliothèque.


Public libraries open doors to reading for all.

Authors are central to this democratic access to culture.

Public lending right is a fair compensation for their work.


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