PLR Program Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for a PLR payment, both authors and their titles must meet the program eligibility criteria. Please read the following text carefully to determine whether you are eligible.

Important: No claim may be made on behalf of a deceased author by the estate or survivors. Moreover, the shares of ineligible or deceased contributors do not accrue to the eligible or surviving contributors.

Registration period: 15 February to 1 May

Registrations are accepted only during the annual registration period (with date of postmark as proof).

Who is eligible?_____________________________

You may be eligible for a PLR payment if you meet the following conditions:

You are:

  • an author or co-author;
  • an illustrator or photographer;
  • a translator;
  • an anthology contributor;
  • an editor with an original written contribution.

You are a Canadian citizen (living in Canada or abroad) or have Permanent Resident status, as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

There are no more than six contributors to the title (excluding editors and translators, but including illustrators and photographers).

Your name appears on a given work’s title page or copyright page or, for an anthology contributor, in the table of contents.

Your contribution to the book comprises at least 10% of the length of the book.

If you are an editor, you meet all of the following four conditions:

  • your name is listed as editor or co-editor on the title page or copyright page;
  • there are no more than two co-editors listed on the title page or copyright page;
  • you have written a foreword, a preface, an introduction, an afterword, or a conclusion to the book;
  • your original written contribution comprises at least 10 pages and 10% of the book’s text. Original written work is considered to be the combination of your prefatory material, your notes on the text, or your other written work in the body of the book. It does not include notes on the contributors, revision work, indices, chronologies, bibliographies, glossaries or table of contents. You must identify your written contribution on the table of contents.

Eligible Books______________________________

The following books may be eligible for a PLR payment:

  • works of poetry, fiction, drama, children’s literature, nonfiction or scholarly work;
  • printed and electronic books (ebooks) with a valid ISBN.
  • books that are at least 48 pages in length, or in the case of children’s literature, at least 24 pages; for ebooks, the book page count is based on the PDF version.

How do I calculate my percentage share?_______

The percentage claim you make is based on your specific printed contribution to the book. For example, if a 100-page book consists of 70 pages of a writer’s work and 30 pages of an illustrator’s work, the illustrator would claim 30% and the writer would claim 70%.

Depending on a title’s category and an author’s contribution, the percentage share is calculated as follows:

Authors or co-authors

  • The original eligible author of an eligible book may claim 100% of a title’s PLR payment only if there are no other contributors to the book.
  • The author of an eligible translated work may claim an additional 50% for each translated version. This title must be registered separately. If a co-author or an illustrator is involved in the original work, this must also be recognized within the 50% author share. (If you are an author of an illustrated book, see also “Illustrators or photographers”).
  • As an eligible co-author, you may claim a share that represents your specific written contribution.

Anthology contributors (no more than 6 contributors)

  • As an eligible contributor to an anthology, you may claim a share that represents your specific written contribution.
  • If you have published a work in an anthology and then published the same work as a separate book, you may claim for the work only once. The separate book is likely to be your better bet.

Editors with original written material 

  • An eligible editor may claim 20% of the potential PLR payment. If two editors are involved, each claims 10%.


  • The translator of an eligible book may claim up to 50%
    of the potential PLR payment.
  • For translated children’s picture books, the eligible author, translator and illustrator may claim 33% each.
  • If more than one translator is involved, the translator percentage claim must be shared accordingly.

Illustrators or photographers

  • As an eligible illustrator or photographer, you may claim
    that percentage represented by the space occupied by your illustrations or photographs in a book. Illustrations of less than one page are counted as that proportion of the page (i.e. it will take two one-half page illustrations or four one-quarter page illustrations to count for one page of illustration).
  • For children’s picture books of between 24 and 32 pages, PLR claims are automatically 50% each for the author and the illustrator. For translations of these books, each of the author, translator and illustrator may claim 33%.

Ineligible Books____________________________

The following books are not eligible in the PLR program:

  • a practical book giving advice or instructions, a self-help or “how-to” book; a manual or guidebook on any subject (e.g. travel, nature, cookbook, etc.);
  • a professional guide such as legal, technical, medical, scientific, pedagogical, accounting or financial guide;
  • a book designed primarily for an educational market;
  • a list of any kind or short segments of information are brought together in a list format (directory, index, compilation,  bibliography, dictionary, atlas, encyclopaedia, genealogy, etc.);
  • a book resulting from a conference, seminar or symposium;
  • the catalogue of an exhibition;
  • a newspaper, magazine or periodical;
  • an unpublished work (e.g. thesis, manuscript);
  • electronic file, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.;
  • as a new title: a second or subsequent edition of an eligible book, unless at least 50% of this edition constitutes completely new text, not revised text;
  • a report, survey or program evaluation;
  • a title prepared for or published by a governmental or paragovernmental organization, institution or corporation;
  • wholly or mainly a musical score;
  • a calendar, agenda, colouring book, quiz book or game;
  • a book created for your employer in the course of your employment.

The PLR Program reserves the right to re-examine the eligibility of a registered title at any time.

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