Beatriz Hausner (Chair)

photo: Clive Sewell

Beatriz Hausner's (Toronto, ON) poetry books include: Enter the Raccoon, La costurera y el muñeco viviente / The Seamstress and the Living Doll (selected poems in Spanish translation), Sew Him Up, The Wardrobe Mistress, and many chapbooks. La Couturière et l’homme-poupée (French translation) appeared in 2014. She is a respected literary editor, was a publisher and works as a public librarian in Toronto. Hausner has translated many works of literature, including the poetry of César Moro, Rosamel del Valle, Mandrágora, Olga Orozco, Enrique Molina, Abigael Bohórquez, the prose of Alvaro Mutis and Aldo Pellegrini, among others.

Beatriz Hausner is the representative of the League of Canadian Poets.